They push the ball up NBA 2K18 MT

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They push the ball up NBA 2K18 MT

Postby mtnba2k » Fri Sep 01, 2017 4:40 am

They push the ball up the court and move the ball well while still relying on their veteran stars Bosh and Wade to do the heavy lifting. Bosh had 18 points and Wade added 17 as the Heat passed the Hawks in the NBA 2K18 MT Southeast Division standings. They currently have the fourth-best record in the conference.

And their current four-game streak has come withHassan Whiteside sidelined with a hip injury. The big man is one of the league's best shot blockers, but the Heat are thriving without him. When Whiteside returns, Miami will need to bring him back into the fold without slowing their pace.

Mario Hezonja is finding some confidence.The Orlando Magic took Hezonja with the fifth pick in the draft, and the brazen rookie was supposed to bring confidence and playmaking to the NBA immediately. It didn't happen, but the rookie is starting to find a groove. He had the best game of his young career as the Magic ended an eight-game losing streak with a 119-114 win over theBoston.

Celtics, scoring 17 points in 33 minutes. Hezonja was Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins 7 of 13 from the field and 3 of 6 from deep, but he was also getting crunch time minutes. He's averaging only 13.8 minutes per game, but with the Magic struggling, he's seen an uptick in playing time. He's taking advantage.

Over the last three games he is averaging 10 points in 20 minutes per game. The Magic have a talented young core. If Hezonja can keep improving, they're future looks even more bright.This season, meanwhile, isn't exactly over yet for the Magic. Sure, they had lost eight in a row, but at one point they were in the thick of the playoff hunt.

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