Guidelines: Read First!!

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Guidelines: Read First!!

Postby jamescho7 » Fri Jun 13, 2014 3:43 pm

Welcome to the help forum. This is the right place to ask for help with debugging and help others find a solution!

I. Follow a couple of guidelines to get help!

1. Write a good title and include a label. For example: "[Android] Can't get SurfaceView to work."
2. Clearly state your problem. What are you trying to do? What isn't working?
3. Do some research. Let us know what have you tried so far and what you suspect the problem may be.
4. Be patient. Give us some time to look at your code.
5. When sharing code, please enclose your examples in the coding tag:

Code: Select all

System.out.println("All code should go inside the [code] tag!");
6. Follow up. If you were able to solve your issue, let us know so that others with similar problems can reference your work.
7. Give back! Help others debug their code! You will make someone's day. :D

II. Follow these guidelines when helping others:

1. Be friendly. When someone is having trouble with code, the last thing they need is hostility.
2. Be patient. What you may think to be a trivial problem may not be trivial for others!

Thank you for helping us maintain a helpful, friendly environment!

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