miracle we get anywhere

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miracle we get anywhere

Postby lasky1994 » Tue Mar 13, 2018 4:22 am

Ever looked at a photo of yourself running and wondered how on earth you keep moving forwards? Arms and legs flailing around, head leaning, hips dropping – with running form like this it’s a miracle we get anywhere at all.

But if you watch an elite athlete running the same isn’t usually true. She’ll be upright, straight and graceful. Has this runner been Adidas Gazelle Femme born Nike Air Huarache Dam with a naturally beautiful, efficient gait? Or has she spent years refining the way she runs for maximum performance and minimum injury risk? Many of us have tried to do the latter, making half-hearted efforts to tweak the way we run. The question is, should we be putting in so much Nike Roshe Run Mujer effort in pursuit of the perfect running technique?

Richard Coates, a running coach with Full Potentialbelieves that sometimes there can be too much emphasis placed on perfecting your running form. “You’ve got to ask the question, certainly for beginners, whether they’re better off focusing on getting aerobically fit and getting stronger rather than worrying about technique,” he says. “You can make it a little bit too complicated at first.”

Richard does give his clients tips on their technique, and has been coaching our Big Marathon Nike Air Max 90 Mujer 2015 Challenge teams to improve their form. However, he cautions against automatically aiming for a particular technique – for example, following some coaching philosophies which put emphasis on running on the forefoot or midfoot.

“If you’ve always naturally been a midfoot Nike Air Max 95 Damen or a heel striker, I would never force someone to land their foot differently,” he says. “I had a case recently where one client came to me with a stress reaction just under the ball of her foot. She’d started marathon training and a coach had told her she should be running on her forefoot, where naturally she was a heel striker. The way she was landing on her forefoot was forcing her knee too far in front, so she was putting a phenomenal force right through her forefoot.”

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